Your mind is like a house with many rooms.

Written by on December 18, 2020

Your mind is like a house with many rooms. There are rooms you use often – your kitchen, your bedroom, your bathroom and in the time of lockdown, your study (if you are lucky enough to have one). And then there are those rooms that you use infrequently and those that you just simply avoid. But when too much  distraction is replaced with no distraction, you start exploring the various recesses of your mind. No room is off limits.

A scary thought indeed. There is a reason why the attic or the basement or the room under the stairs is off limits. You don’t want to go there! 

Joint research conducted at the Universities of Harvard and Charlottesville in the US, found that people, particularly men, would rather receive mild electroshocks than be alone with their thoughts. 

Probably why I am so anxious today. My mind is wandering to the room under the stairs. 

But maybe now is the time to go there. Clear out some of those cobwebs!