You can be quietly loud and make a difference.

Written by on October 5, 2020

Mother Teresa of Calcutta passed away 5 days after Lady Diana did. I remember at the time feeling so sad that seemingly her passing was ‘overshadowed’ by that of Lady Diana, a very high profile celebrity. I concluded that it was probably exactly as she would have wanted it. Her humility carried her quietly away in the shadows just as she lived her life – caring for those who lived in life’s shadows, whether the sick, the vulnerable or the destitute.

Mother Teresa lived her life ‘quietly loud’.

I am no Mother Teresa. I want to drink from life’s fountain, although truth be told, it feels more like I’m drinking from life’s fire hydrant at the moment. 

I know there are still many who remain living in life’s shadows made even longer and darker by COVID-19, extended lockdown restrictions and an approaching Winter. For them there is no life’s fountain. 

One of Mother Teresa’s most famous quotes reads: “If you cannot feed a hundred people, then just feed one”. 

There is no better time to channel my inner Mother Teresa. Like her, I can also be ‘quietly loud’ and make a difference.