What I learn from Bumblebee.

Written by on October 5, 2020

Today I spent time with Bumblebee. I frequently neglect him, but he does not judge. He knows I am busy. He also knows that inevitably I will come crawling back; that when the time is right, I will remember him. 

I have learnt a lot from Bumblebee over the years. He has taught me that the ‘finish line’ must be earned. Very profound given that at 50, I am entering the second half of my life and the ‘finish line’ is coming closer. COVID times do force us to re-evaluate what we value; who and what is important in our lives. What was previously ‘the unnecessary’ is now the necessary – time with friends, family, self, creativity and even time for silence. 

Bumblebee also helps me realize that you do not get better at what you do not attempt. Sadly, to my shame, many times this admonishment has fallen on deaf ears. 

Not today. Today I am spinning. Bumblebee, my bright yellow exercise bike, is ready to help me ‘flatten some curves’. This ‘finish line’ I am earning.