‘The writing is on the wall’… literally.

Written by on December 1, 2020

“Inspire through the ups. Lead through the downs.”

I read this quote every single day I entered the Absa offices, ready for another day of ‘bringing possibilities to life’. It inspired me without fail to try to be my best self – through the ups and the downs. From my first day to now, 30 November 2020, my last day…

“How can you ever hope to know the universe, if you only study one planet?“

This was my rationale 20 years ago, when I hung up my trusted stethoscope searching for the next adventure, and then again 2 years ago after 18 extraordinary years, when I hung up my Accenture ‘uniform’ in search of the next big adventure.

The common thread? Adventures that would do justice to my quest to help unlock the abundance of Africa and her people!

Today that same rationale takes me on yet another adventure – ready for a different kind of voyage. One hopefully where reflection meets creativity. 

And so I bid Absa a fond farewell! 

Thank you for the many meaningful moments and enduring memories. They are life’s special treasures.