Our Problem with Ageing.

Written by on February 22, 2021

Age denialism is a global phenomenon. We celebrate our 39th year for 10 consecutive years and our 49th year for another 20. 

Those in the field refer to the Longevity Revolution as potentially the biggest achievement in the history of our species. Ashton Applewhite in her book ‘This Chair Rocks, A Manifesto against Ageism’ explains that  “science has leapfrogged culture and society has not had time to catch up”.  In essence, our attitude to old age is just that – OLD.

The notion that play is for the very young, education for the young, employment for the middle years and leisure for the old is obsolete. Adult play, lifelong learning, purpose and the importance of regular ‘down-time’ between careers are gaining traction when it comes to how to live a fulfilling life.

Sadly, ‘institutionalised ageism’ will be with us for a while. But we can tackle ‘internalised ageism’ – the ageism we apply to ourselves. When we see our future selves as inferior to our younger selves, we give up on possibility.

Don’t be a victim of age denialism. You are working hard for your unique life experiences, your trials, tribulations, knowledge, insight, wisdom and the contributions you have made and continue to make to society and human progress.

Control the value you place on your own life!

Always Retyre. Never Retire.