Among My Souvenirs!

Written by on September 7, 2021

Display cabinets come in all shapes and sizes. My grandmother had one. My mother has one. It is where all the beautiful crockery and ornaments go on display. You know a possession is prized when it has pride of place in the display cabinet. It never gets used, except on special occasions when an aunt, uncle or neighbour need to be impressed. Then a beautiful story is woven around its proud acquisition and exquisite value.

Sometimes we treat our talented employees, managers and leaders like ornaments. We are proud to have acquired their services. But once they are inside the organisation, we put them in ‘display cabinets’. We never give them a chance to be their best authentic selves, to unlock their abundance and contribute their true genius to the organisation. Having gone to all the trouble of recruiting them for their capabilities, we choose to do all the thinking for them.

Don’t turn your talent into souvenirs. There is nothing worse than being employed but unemployed.